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PanoramAsian Dance Project



 PanoramAsian Dance Project started with an  idea of having five traditional dancers perform together at  one stage show along with our original but traditional flavored music. The idea, however, had stayed in the back of my head for a little while. I knew it would be require enormous effort and exceptional perseverance to create such a show.


The inspiration to materialize the initial idea came to me when I was in India last summer. I was invited to perform Japanese dance over there. The experience in India inspired me to start a production based on dance movement comparisons with cultural background briefings. By teaching Japanese traditional dance for over five years, I examined a lot about the close relationship between the established dance movements and their cultural roots. I thought the same can be observed in other traditional dances. All the casts in this project are interestingly involved in teaching dances, music and other forms of arts for children–-artists of the new generation.

They gave me lots of new inspirations during the preparation process of this production.


I am truly grateful for meeting all the casts and collaborators and for their generous efforts to make this production come true. I would also like to thank New York City, where the cultural diversity is not just a cliché but indeed an actual melting pot of various backgrounds in excellent harmony.


Yuko Hamada (from the pamphlet of “Looking for Sarasvati”, November 15, 2008)

Photo by Noriko Matsumoto